Hello, and welcome to my virtual garden. This is a place I carefully grow for you and I to enjoy. I keep it is small enough that I can maintain it myself.

You may have arrived here randomly, browsing endlessly through many Web pages, or because someone messaged you a link, stealing your focus as a result. If that was the case, feel free to take a moment to ensure you're being mindful.

Breathe in... and out. A few times. Pay attention to your body and all your senses. Feel the breath through your nostrils. The clothes touching your body. The air flowing on your skin. Now that you made sure that you are in the present moment, and not just following the wandering of your mind, I wish you to enjoy the rest of your visit here.

My name is Nicolas Gaborit, but I'm also known as Soreine. I come from France and work as a developer. Except for a few writings, I favored universality by writing in English here. Désolé. You can check my profile on GitHub and LinkedIn. Feel free to contact me at hello@soreine.dev, I'll be happy to hear from you.

Sometimes, I am inspired to create things.

I program.
I make music.
I do photography and a bit of computer art.
I write small stuff.

I also made this website. I wanted to keep it simple, and clean. It's just HTML, enhanced by vanilla JavaScript when you have it enabled. For example, I use instant.page to make navigation smoother if you have JavaScript enabled. No server-side rendering, no social widgets, no tracking. You can see it on GitHub.

I took inspiration from cool stuff on the Web: