About this site

This site can be seen as a blog, a showcase of my music and other creations and experiments, or just a nice place to visit and discover. It is made and maintained by myself as a statically generated website. It started as handmade HTML and CSS styling. I recently switched to using Stylus (those pretty colors were a hassle) and Jekyll to facilitate the addition and management of content, but still keeping my own HTML templates.

About me

My name is Nicolas Gaborit, Soreine being my online name. I am a French graduate in Computer Science from the ENSEEIHT in Toulouse. I mainly program or compose music but I have a large array of other interests or hobbies, including a real passion for video games.

Since I enjoy both games and algorithms, I love programming puzzles and challenges. You can find me on Codewars or Codingame. They always are a great way to improve one’s mastery of new languages. I have successfully learnt JavaScript (still using and enjoying it today) and Clojure this way, and I am currently sharpening my understanding of functional programming with the most beautiful incarnation of this paradigm, namely Haskell

As I said, I have a long-standing passion for video games. As for most, it started as a kid, as I was given the chance to play iconic games such as Sonic, Rayman, Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey, Flashback and a lot of others. I grew up with the Final Fantasy series and I think listening to the OSTs helped me to get into piano and later music since it was the first melodies that I tried to reproduce on the piano. More recently I gave a try to e-sport with League of Legends but I could not keep up with the time investment it requires. But most importantly, during the last years, I have been developing a love for games with a strong sense of art. To name a few of the greatest : Flower, Journey (that one is mind blowing), Hohokum, Monument Valley, FEZ (this one has a grandiose feeling of freedom). This is a kind of games it is definitely worth working for, as an artist or as an engineer.